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Lil Dainty - Lil Lash
(NEW) Lil Dainty - Lil Lash
(NEW) Lil Dainty - Lil Lash

Lil Dainty

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Introducing the "Lil Dainty" Black Silk Magnetic Eyelashes.

The "Lil Dainty" is our most natural eyelash style we currently offer. This lash style is perfect for beginners who are not use to the look of lashes or for those who just want a little extra fullness to their already beautiful natural lashes! This new style includes 5 magnets on the lash band and 14 anchor magnets to apply. They can be used with the anchor magnets they come with or you can apply them with our magnetic/adhesive eyeliners for an easier application. (Sold seperately) 


How to apply:

1. Apply mascara to lashes and let dry.

2. Remove anchor magnets from each lash strip.

3. Take the lash strip and set it on top of your upper lash.

4. Take bottom anchor magnetics and align under lash and attach. 


Note: to adjust or detach, carefully slide the magnets together with

your hands to separate them. Carefully! The magnets are fragile. 


Warning: This item is not made for children.

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